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We've created a home for the best of modern first editions without the hundreds of thousands of cheap paperbacks which flood other websites.
Think of us as a high-end version of Abe.

We're focussed, and we have a customer base who are used to quality and excellent service.

We're inviting rare book dealers to showcase their titles on

How it works

1. Send book details
Send us the books you would like listed. This is as simple as sending us a list of URLs from your own site (we do all of the work to transform them into professional listings on The Jones Brothers). If they're not listed on your site, then we have a simple form to complete where you can send us the data.

2. We pay you
When a customer buys your book through our site they pay us directly. We bear all of the card charges and simply pay you the sales price less commission.

3. Send the book
You send the book to our team.

Contact us today and your books can be available for sale within 48 hours.
Email or call +44 (0) 208 755 2238

Advantages of working with The Jones Brothers

- More visibility for your finest books in a dedicated luxury environment which is promoted across the world.

- Access to our customer base of serious collectors

- Easy listing management. The Jones Brothers team do all of the hard work for you, preparing high quality listings which are SEO friendly and full of additional information for the buyer.

- Personalised Bookseller webpage showing all of your titles in one place.

- Increased awareness for your business. You Bookseller name is displayed on each of your listings and people can browse your shop.

- Zero risk shipping. The Jones Brothers pays you in full before you send each book to us.

- Generous customer referral payments. Earn 5% on everything a referred customer buys through the site – for ever.

- We direct new customer queries to partner booksellers directly. Sell books you haven’t listed, alongside those you have.


There are no monthly fees. Booksellers pay a sales commission of 15% on the price of each book sold. The Jones Brothers pay for all secure card and payment charges as well as postage.

You never need to pay us anything directly. Our commission is taken through the trade discount when we pay you for the books we buy. It’s simple and easy.

What books can Booksellers list?

We’re a marketplace for modern first editions. Because we want to maintain quality across our listings, The Jones Brothers make a decision on whether to accept each book or not. As guidance, we look for the following: - First edition, first issue books

- ‘Very Good’, or ‘Fine condition’. We may look at listing ‘Good’ books if they are pre 1920 or have special provenance.

- Market value starting at £1,000 (however for interesting titles and some children’s books we list at less). The highest prices are over £100,000. This is a niche marketplace for the best of your books – not a general site for everything to get lost in.

- Good quality pictures. We’re much more likely to list books which have been photographed on a white background, similar to this one.

What dealers say about us . . .
John Atkinson (John Atkinson Rare Books)
“I have known Charlie Jones for over two years. We have dealt successfully for this time. Charlie's ability to place books with customers/clients has been faultless and has made a huge impact on our business with the revenue stream from Charlie's sales boosting ours substantially. His contacts are second to none and I can only say positive things about his manner, communication and success rate at selling on our behalf. We are always paid before the books are sent and Charlie is 100% trustworthy. As a business, we owe a lot to Charlie.”